Do you know what's in that??

I gotta tell you something. This has been bothering me for about a month or so. I'm gonna just get straight to the point.

Do you look at the ingredient list to the food that you buy?

I'm going to be honest. I only started looking at food labels and the ingredients over the past 4 years or so. Before that, it all looked interesting and I really DIDN'T want to know what was in those Oreos. Am I right?

In fact, I STILL don't want to know what's in Oreos. Please don't ruin that occasional treat for me :)

The disturbing part comes when we are hit with "Health Foods" and Supplements that claim to be amazing for our bodies. When we look at the food labels, we find that they have ingredients that we would NEVER deem healthy like sugars, artificial sweeteners and fillers.  

For example, energy bars! Have you ever compared the labels to a candy bar? Unless you're training for an endurance event like a marathon or a long triathlon, you probably don't want those. 

In comparison to many "energy" products, energy bars are pretty tame. Many others have caffeine, coffee and A LOT of sugar to give you a quick dose of energy. 

FYI: Here's a link for 57 Different Names of Sugar.

A good rule of thumb: look at the label! Don't be surprised. 

If you're confused about an ingredient, look it up, ask a doctor and do some research. That knowledge will inform, empower and help you make REAL health choices.