Apps For Your Fitness Journey

Let's face it: being healthy can seem overwhelming. Tracking it can be difficult. How do I keep track of this stuff? How many miles did I run? How much protein does that have in it? Have I been eating enough?

For me, I get by with a little help from my APPS! 

Seriously, I love using apps to help myself and my clients succeed. It gives me an idea on where I can improve, cut back and push forward. I created a list of some of my favorite tools to help in your fitness journey. PLUS, I have some cool details on a special bonus. But you have to reply back to this message to get them. 

  1. Food Tracking

    • MyFitnessPal

    • Lose It!

    • MyNetDiary

    • 21 Day Fix Containers

    • Not all calories are created the same way. It's helpful to see what we are eating, how much we are eating and how we can improve. Although the first few days tend to be difficult, it becomes easier as we establish the habit of recording BEFORE we eat. 

  2. Activity Tracking

    • Strava

    • MapMyRun/MapMyRide

    • Apps with Activity Trackers (FitBit, Jawbone, Apple Watch, Garmin)

    • We often overestimate our activity while underestimating our food. While most of the activity trackers are estimates, it gives us a better idea of what we are doing each day. GPS trackers will help you train when you are training for a distance-specific race like a 5k or a half marathon. 

  3. Accountability

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • Pinterest

    • We've all seen those annoying #gymselfies. While I think that they can be obnoxious, they help keep the person accountable. My biggest fear is that I will frustrate my friends by posting all about my fitness journey. So I created a special Instagram account to document my journey to get back in shape after my third baby. I'm going to fill it with tips, motivation and my personal accountability. EEK! 

I want to help as many people as possible. If you want to know which apps or tools might work best for you, send me a message! We can chat and set up a plan together.