July Recipe Roundup: Do you Grill?

How was your Holiday weekend? We tried to pack in lots of swimming, fun and FOOD!

For the July edition of RECIPE ROUNDUP, I've put together some of my favorite recipes for the grill. 

Try them out! I hope you love them too!

Most BBQ sauces are filled with preservatives, sugars and chemicals. Take out the guesswork and make this one from scratch! It has a little bit of a kick!

This is always a crowd favorite when we grill. The honey traps in the juice and it's SO good!

Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies! Adding a hint of char and the radish flavor is the best!

Although your BBQ doesn't NEED meat, this is one of my favorite chicken dishes. The light salsa on top makes this a refreshing dish for hot summer days!