8 Questions Before You Start an Exercise Program

Each week, I get notifications, invites and messages about new programs, groups or challenges. It's awesome to see many people striving for a healthier lifestyle. 

To me, starting a new exercise routine or program can be fun, exciting and full of hope. However, don't rush into it! That can cause frustration, lack of motivation and quitting!

With every workout program, there are points to consider. Take the time to find out the answers to these questions:

  1. How much time is required for each workout?

    • The length of the workout is not the time required. Also consider time spent setting up, cleaning up, travel time and child care. At home workouts are great because they completely eliminate travel time. 

  2. What is the cost?

    • If you are going to a gym, the membership and child care costs can vary. But you are provided with all of the equipment at that gym. If you are working out at home, the cost can include any DVDs and equipment.

  3. What is the goal of this program?

    • Each workout class and program has an aim. If you are going to Crossfit, then your goals should look different than the person going to Zumba each day. Your goals should match the goals of the workout program that you choose. Need help with that? Message me. I can help!

  4. Is there any support offered?

    • At a gym, the support can be offered through fellow gym goers, trainers and instructors. At home, it can be tricky. You can often find support groups online. Either way, find people that genuinely care about you. Sometimes, you find that people "friend" you in order to make money or recruit you. 

  5. Is it safe?

    • You'd be surprised how many trainers, instructors or programs overlook this question. They want to push the boundaries of fitness. Some "extreme" programs are safe. Some "safe" programs are NOT! Make sure that the trainer or instructor has the certification to lead you in the prescribed workout. I cringe when I hear of uncertified instructors teaching classes. I'll save my rants for later, though. 

  6. Does it match my skill level?

    • Are you starting over after a long break? If you have never lifted weights, I would NOT recommend squatting 500+lbs on the first day.... or even for the first year! Your trainer should offer you modifications, options and meet you at your level. Ask for modifications. If they don't offer any, then try a different program until you feel ready to try again. 

  7. Do you have any injuries?

    • Building off of questions #6 and #7, you must consider what is best for your body. Recently, I had a baby. It's not an injury but the recovery process is similar. There are several exercises that I MUST avoid until I build my core strength again. 

  8. Is it fun?

    • Exercising is uncomfortable. But it doesn't mean that you can't have a good time! You can enjoy exercise! 

If you need help or recommendations, feel free to message me! I'm here to help you find the specific programs and workouts that help you reach YOUR goals.