Kids at Home? Quick Ideas on how you can still get your workout in

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend full of love and celebration. I love Mother's Day because it's a great chance to celebrate ALL women!

Speaking of mothers, one of my friends posted this on my Facebook Timeline... 

I thought it was pretty funny because that happens to me a lot. I don't have three kids (yet) but I do have a dog who is just as bad as the children. When I get down on the ground, she thinks it's either playtime or cuddle time! 

And I still prefer working out at home. Hands DOWN! 

I can make ugly faces, take quick bathroom breaks and jump right into the shower after I'm done. 

But HOW do you get that workout in?

I struggled with this for a long time. It felt like it just wasn't happening because I would get started and then someone would need me. Or I would start and then the kids would try to use me as a jungle gym. Blech. 

I tried locking myself in a room. I tried bribing the kids. I even tried yelling... not my proudest "mom moment.

Then I came to a realization: exercise is important. It's just as important as grocery shopping, cleaning and doing laundry. I'm being honest, y'all. You are investing time into taking care of your body. Doesn't that mean that it deserves a similar amount of effort to create the habit?

If I can figure and adjust how to do my daily chores with kids in tow, I can figure out how to workout at home. 

Personally, I know that this is a HARD HARD thing for parents. But I promise that you can feel confident if you give it time. 

Here are three ideas to help your littles 

  1. Explain to your kids WHY you want to workout:
    • If your kids are old enough, tell them that you are trying to be strong and healthy. Explain that you need their help to allow you the time to take care of your body so you can take care of them. 
    • If my kids are awake, I do this EVERY time before I press play.
  2. Set a Schedule:
    • Workout at the same time each day. This is crucial. If kids expect that you will be doing a certain thing at a certain time each day, then they are more likely to accept that activity. 
    • This also allows you to pick the best time to workout for your family's schedule. 
      • Is it naptime?
      • Is it before the kids get up?
      • Is it after they go to bed?
  3. Thank them after you are done:
    • Your kids love you. You love your kids. 
    • It doesn't matter WHAT they did during your workout. Find a reason to thank them or praise them for something that they did (or didn't do) during your workout. 
    • Happy Feelings Breed More Happy Feelings. 

Just like anything with kids and family, it's not a quick fix. It took consistency and time. After several months, I noticed that my kids not only started respecting my space, but they started doing the exercises with me when they were around. That is the BEST benefit of working out at home for me. My dream is to have a healthy family.

I hope that these tips help you too! Like I said before, this is a HARD HARD adjustment sometimes. But the money saved on gas to the gym and extra fees for childcare are totally worth it!

Have a great week! 

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