Shakeology and Pregnancy

Did you have a great Easter weekend? I hope that yours was filled with inspiration, love and encouragement! For me, it was busy filling baskets, taking pictures and cooking. 

I don't know about you, but I feel like women are often given many expectations for big events. Pregnancy is no different. 

During pregnancy, women are often given LAUNDRY lists of foods to avoid, consume and research. I use the word "laundry" because, in my house, it's never ending. It's always a good idea to check with your doctor about your special situation. 

That being said, I love Shakeology. It has made a huge difference in my pregnancies. I'll share some stories during each point. But I'm excited to report that my pregnancies with Shakeology have been much happier and healthier than my pregnancy without it. These are my experiences with Shakeology and pregnancy. 

Here are the my favorite parts of drinking Shakeology during my pregnancy:

  • Digestion Regularity.
    • TMI AND POTTY TALK ALERT! Shakeology includes major amounts of probiotics which can relieve digestion discomfort. When I was pregnant the first time, I couldn't *ahem* GO! I was given stool softeners, laxatives and even random tips from my doctor. What makes morning sickness worse? Being constipated. I don't wish it upon anyone.
    • Fast forward to pregnancies #2 and #3. I had been using Shakeology regularly and I was nervous for a repeat experience. So I waited.... And waited. Much to my surprise, it didn't happen.
  • Heartburn lessened:
    • I never had the pleasure of heartburn until I was pregnant the first time. I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic. Convinced I was dying, I turned to my husband and explained what was going on. He laughed, handed me some TUMS and went back to bed.
    • Heartburn occurs when you have an excess of acidity in your body. Shakeology contains ingredients that help alkanize your body. Result? Less heartburn. Can I get a Hallelujah?!
  • Blood Sugar Regulated
    • I've shared this before. But just so you know, I have PCOS which can include similar symptons to diabetes. My first pregnancy had blood sugar issues. I failed my first glucose test but SQUEAKED a passing grade on my three-hour glucose test. My doctor still encouraged me to follow a strict regimen so I could stay in a healthy range. Since starting Shakeology, my blood sugars are completely normal. Being spared from the three-hour glucose test is cause enough for celebration!! 
    • Why does it help? Shakeology has a lower glycemic index score than many fruits and vegetables. Consequently, it will sustain your body longer without spiking your blood sugars. 
  • Easy, Quick Meal!
    • I'm not just pregnant. I'm running after two littles and it can be challenging to take care of myself. Shakeology takes seconds to blend and then I'm ready to go! It's comforting to know that I am saving time while feeding my body and baby correctly. 
  • Cuts down on cravings
    • Have you heard of a pregnant lady with cravings? What? You have?! Because Shakeology is so nutrient dense, it satisfies your body's "needs." That, in turn, can squash some of those random "wants" that pregnant ladies suffer.  

I have so many other reasons why I love Shakeology for pregnancy. I might have to do a follow-up. If you want to try some samples or have questions, feel free to email me back!

BABY UPDATE: I'm in my 30th week of gestation right now and the baby is measuring about a week early. I'm still working out each day and I'm starting to change my routine a little bit. Name Suggestions? We're still drawing blanks. 

I hope that you are having a wonderful Spring. Talk to you soon!