Spring Forward

Can we just start by saying that Daylight Savings Time is weird? I thought it was ok before I had kids. Now it's just crazy here at the Carlson Casa!

Anyway, I bet that you've noticed a change here on the blog. Or you're here for the first time. Or your stumbled across this in search of a Daylight Savings Meme. However you came, WELCOME!

First, you must know that this blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

What does that mean? 

I will be adding new and exciting content and it will be fun to see this grow. 

 It was a scary but necessary step for me.

Why the change of venue? 

  • I didn't like the way that my other blog looked like.
    • Why else do people HAVE blogs? If you don't like it, then you won't write in it! My blog looks clean, bright and happy now. Hooray!
  • I needed a place that was easy to maintain and navigate. 
    • That other blog was NOT. It was messy for you. It was messy for me. 
    • I don't like messes :)
  • I wanted a create a space where my readers, friends and I could be open and vulnerable.
    • It was kinda awkward when I blogged about sports bras and the background had a huge picture of Shaun T.... yeah. Awkward.. 

What's new?

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  • Blog
    • New posts each week!
    • If you are interested, take time to get to know me in the ABOUT ME tab. 

I hope that you are ready for this new adventure. I'm excited to jump forward and take this leap. As the site grows, I'll keep you updated. But, if you truly want to stay in the loop, SUBSCRIBE to my weekly newsletter, Never Miss a Monday.