Vegetables for Breakfast

The other day, I asked if everyone had vegetables with breakfast. Salads are increasingly becoming a breakfast trend.

Full disclosure: I'm not a salad person. BUT, I am a breakfast person. So here are some great non-salad ideas for a veggie-filled breakfast.

  • EGGS:
    • Mix your veggies into an egg dish like a quiche, scrambled eggs or even just on the side. Eggs give protein (about 6g per large egg) and flavor for your dish.
    • I love to add red bell peppers, spinach and tomatoes with my egg dishes.
    • Here's a simple egg scramble recipe.
    • Quinoa, buckwheat and oatmeal are pretty versatile with taste.  Whether you like sweet, savory or just plain, there is a recipe for you!
    • I like to add sweet potatoes, broccoli or zucchini to these dishes.
    •  breakfast hash?  Yes, please!
    • This is my favorite way to sneak in vegetables. Grab a handful and dump it into your blender. As long as you have a great base, you'll never know. I use this all the time for my kids and husband.
    • Kale, Spinach and beets are all easy to mix into your smoothies.
    • Want some extra energy? This is the smoothie for you!

Add the quality of vegetables to your breakfast.


What's your favorite vegetable?

Do you juice or blend?

When do you start your weekend: Thursday, Friday or Saturday?