The Thing About Falling

Lizzy, our 11-month old, is learning how to walk. She decided it was time and started taking steps about a month ago. She's become quite good.

But, as you can guess, she's fallen several times. In fact, I'd bet that she's fallen more times than she has been successful.

Still, she keeps getting up and trying again.

This principle applies to us too! We often try things (weight loss, new job/business, relationships) expecting to be an instant success. But that's not how it works. More often, we try new things and when we fall, we give up. Occasionally, the people around us ALSO tell us to give up. Could you imagine doing that to a baby?

"Well, you fell on that try. You'd better just crawl for the rest of your life."

Um... no.

In our house, we see Lizzy fall all the time. But we pick her up, dust her off and encourage her to try again.

What about this situation?

"I started a new exercise program two weeks ago and I haven't seen ANY progress. It must not work."

Again... no.

Pick yourself up, be real and try again. You have many advantages over the toddler, too!

  1. You can ask someone to help you. Pick someone that knows more than you.
  2. Be completely honest. Did you eat extra servings? Do you skip out on part of the workout?
  3. Remind yourself of your goals! Do you want to keep up with your kids/grandkids? Do you want to lessen your medications for preventable conditions?

Don't count out the toddler yet! She has many advantages over most adults.

  1. She lacks pride. She tries in front of everyone!
  2. She is eager to try again.
  3. She celebrates the efforts.

So the moral of the story is to BE A BABY! Wait.... Let's try this again.

The moral of the story is to LEARN from the baby. Don't be afraid to fail. Don't be afraid to ask for help. And CELEBRATE the efforts.



  • Do you have any kids? When did they walk?
  • Have you ever failed BIG at something? (For me, I keep remembering all of the times that I ran for School Office. Yikes. No one really wanted to vote for me LOL)