Pregnancy Series: 25 Weeks and Clothes!

Sorry for the dark picture. I forgot to turn on the lights before the pic.

I'm 25 weeks along and here's my little update:

  • I'm modifying more with my exercises. I can feel that my bones and joints are loosening. So the caution will slowly be raised as I progress.
  • Hello, Heartburn!
  • Little guy is moving and it's really fun to experience.
  • I feel like I look bigger than before. But I weigh less than I did at this point with my other pregnancies. I'll take it!

But mostly, I wanted to talk about CLOTHES!!!

For my first pregnancy, I borrowed 90% of my clothes from friends. But I didn't like any of the 10% clothes that I bought. For my second pregnancy, I put off buying maternity clothes until I was almost to my 3rd trimester.

Why? I'll give you a few reasons:

  • Maternity clothes were SO expensive! And I thought I was only going to wear them for MAYBE 4 months. But if you're like me, that baby bump takes awhile to go away AFTER delivery.
  • I honestly could NOT find a good place to buy clothes. The few places in the mall were a bust and I was afraid to look online.
  • PRIDE. Whenever "pride" is part of the decision process, you KNOW the outcome will be less desirable. But, I wanted the non-existent badge that said, "I didn't have to buy maternity clothes for X amount of weeks." I wanted to boost my ego.

Did you see that last one? I could have started and finished with that.

REALITY CHECK TIME: Pregnancy is the last thing that anyone should do for an ego trip. You give body as a home to another human for 9 months. The side effects, while unpleasant and NOT glamourous, are necessary. Your hormones will change. Your body will expand. You may feel some discomforts. (That is putting it nicely.)

What will help those discomforts most: an invisible, self-imposed BADGE or comfortable clothes? For me, I'll pick the clothes, thanks :)

This time around, I ditched the ego and grabbed the maternity box at 10 weeks. I didn't care about what others thought. I wanted to be comfortable while I threw up, chased kids and picked up toys.

Here are some tips to help YOU find great maternity clothes.

  1. STICK TO THE SALE RACK. Unless you are desperate, shop the sales! This includes finding coupon codes or shopping on sale sites like I start hunting for sales the moment that I see a positive pregnancy test.
  2. Ask friends if they want to trade, borrow or swap. If you have a group of preggo (or recently preggo) besties, ask them for a trade! Be sure to return the favor.
  3. Find flattering shapes, colors and patterns. Does that paisley emphasize your bump in the right way?
  4. If necessary, SPLURGE! I typically only buy maternity clothes on a "Need to Have" basis. Sometimes, that doesn't give me many options.

What tips do you have for maternity clothes? Do you have favorite places to shop?