My New Favorite Sports Bra

Over the years, I've had much experience with sports bras. I've tried several and have become quite picky in my selections.

If you're having a hard time picking the right sports bra, I'd recommend reading this article to help you understand the types and benefits of each kind of sports bra.

For me, I've fallen in love with the Incredible Bra by Victoria's Secret.


Because of some discomfort with my previous bras, I was on the hunt. I had heard great things about this bra but I didn't want to pay $50 and immediately find out that I disliked it. But recently, I found that they were on sale. So I bought one, wore it for my workout the next day, and then went back and bought two more.

The things that I like about this bra are the following:

  • The arm openings don't pinch my armpits nor do they create extra arm fat. My arms can handle that on their own, thank you very much!
  • The underwire and lining in the bra are very soft and supportive. Not too much lining, but enough to keep everything nice and smooth.
  • The material is soft. Seriously! What is worse than a scratchy sports bra?! Maybe Teletubbies reruns....just maybe.
  • The bra is VERY flattering. It's nice to look nice when you workout. Even if it's only for the 5 seconds before you start sweating ;)
  • Fun Color Options!!! Even though I'm not showing them off, I like fun colors.

Some things that people may not like:

  • It's low cut. This didn't surprise me because of the company that made it. But if you teach fitness classes, like me, then it's worth the consideration. No one likes a Spin Instructor in front that is showing too much skin. And if they do.... GROSS!
  • This particular bra doesn't have adjustable straps. Many similar ones have them. For example, the Incredible Front-Close and the Ultimate Bra include this feature.

If you're interested in trying this bra, or any of the VS bras, GO FOR IT! They are starting their Semi-Annual Sale now and a new bra might help you get ready for your New Years GOALS!

Go get 'em!

Note: I was not paid for this review. I merely love a good find and a good deal.