Castaic Triathlon 2014

On Saturday, I did my first post-baby triathlon. Well... it's actually Post-Baby#2  but let's not get caught up in details.

Before I get started, I had a BLAST seeing some friends at the race. It's fun to have people cheer for you and it's equally fun to cheer for others!

As for me... well... here goes.

I felt somewhat unprepared for this race. In the weeks leading up to it, I couldn't think of what I was forgetting.

I remember now.

Let's begin with my choice of the order. Usually this tri is held at a lake.  But, if you are savvy, you've probably noticed that California is in a drought. It's bad. Really. Really. Bad. The swimming area for the lake is closed so the event moved to a nearby Aquatic Center AKA a pool. Consequently, we were given the choice for a Reverse Triathlon (Run, Bike, Swim) or a Traditional Triathlon (Swim, Bike, Run).

ENTER MISTAKE #1: I chose the Reverse. Swim is my strength. I've swam since I was 5 and I'm always competitive in the water. I wanted to finish with my strength. But I forgot how much I have improved my run. Starting with the run fatigued my legs. Since it was a short race, I didn't have enough time to recover during the bike. As expected, I still finished strong with my swim. But it could have been better.


MISTAKE #2: I cleaned my chain before the race at 4:30am in the morning. Between the groggy eyes and the pre-race jitters, I added too much lube. Result: my chain slipped several times through the race. It even came off twice. "Frustration" could give a good description though it may not be strong enough.


MISTAKE #3: My cap broke as I was standing on the pool deck ready to jump in. I had to run back to my transition area and grab a new one. I should have checked all of them, powdered them or even bought new ones.


I still placed in the overall women (3rd) and in my age group (1st). My mistakes probably cost me several minutes in my race. But I feel excited about another race next month. I feel like I have a direction and a plan. If I hadn't made any mistakes, how would I know that?

Mistakes help give you goals for improvement.

With that, race training start again TODAY!

Lizzy wanted to ride my bike. Kylee wanted to wear my medal. I told them both that it's ok for now but eventually  they'll have to get their own by racing with me. ;)


Have you ever done a triathlon?

What did you do this past weekend?

Which do you like best: swim, bike or run?