3 Day Refresh Review

I am doing this program for a few reasons.

  1. My nutrition needs a serious reboot.
  2. My digestion hasn't been working as well as normal.
  3. I need to shed some bloating before my triathlon.

I chose the 3-Day Refresh over other programs because it's only 3 days and I don't have to restock my fridge with things that I'll never eat again. I already had everything for the snacks and recipes.


I felt pretty great until the afternoon when I was prepping my dinner. I had made a peanut butter sandwich for my daughter. The smell of the peanut butter was very tempting. I wanted to quit right there. Then my husband walked in and said, "How is your Refresh going? You didn't cheat, did you?"

*Gulp!* "No. But I wanted to quit."

I felt like such a pansy because I wanted to quit on the first day. That being said... I was really looking forward to my oatmeal on Day 4!


Today was better. My resolve was stronger and the temptations didn't seem as strong. I noticed that if I made my food at the same time as the food for my kids, then I could handle the smell of Peanut Butter and cheese. Drinking enough water also helped my cravings stay away.

Here was my lunch:

I feel my stomach working better. Some of my bloating is already down. I keep resisting the urge to jump on the scale.


The first day is definitely the worse. I felt more refreshed (pun intended) when I woke up this morning.

My clothes felt a little loose. Either I have lost a little weight or I've successfully stretched them out. Either way, saggy workout pants are not cute.

After teaching BODYPUMP at the gym, I had 3 people tell me that I looked great. That was surprising.

Morning of Day 4 WEIGH IN: I was down 6 pounds.


The day after I finished was a bit surreal. I was craving water instead of food and I was much more conscious of my food selections. I obviously ate more but I was very conscious.

I decided to weigh myself again on Day 5 morning. I was down another 2 pounds.


I like the Refresh because it helps me change my perspective on food. I'm an emotional eater. So I look to food for comfort, stress, celebration and boredom. The Refresh helped me identify food for what it really is: fuel. I'm not saying that you can't ENJOY food. But most of the time, I need to look at food as a means to heal, sustain and build my physical body. It also showed me that I try to give up easily. It THREE DAYS and I wanted to quit more than once. I'm a pansy and I'm the first to admit.

This program is for:

  • People that are brand new to an eating program and want a BOOST into clean eating.
  • People that need to get their nutrition under control
  • People that feel "stuck" and want to break through a plateau
  • Persons that may be limited in physical exercise due to various situations
  • Jabba the Hut (that dude needs some serious nutrition help)

This program may not be good for:

  • Pregnant or nursing mamas
  • Persons that may have to workout more than 2 hours a day
  • Mermaids. I'm not sure that they would be able to mix the shakes properly underwater.

Are you an emotional eater?

Have you ever done any sort of cleanses before?

What are you doing this weekend?