Desperate Times Don't Always Call For Desperate Measures

We are getting ready for Easter in the Carlson Casa. Holidays with kids can be pretty fun except when you say something like this...

"Did you just hit your sister?"

In our house, we have communication issues. Our toddler is still mastering her hold on speech. Our 5-year old endeavors to use words properly. So when they both want the same toy/chair/stuffed animal, one will inevitably resort to "physical persuasion." At the date of this writing, no one has suffered any serious damages. 

Today I was thinking about WHY children feel like they need to push or hit or scream. While there are a variety of reasons, I felt very struck by the idea of desperation. The world of a child is very small. It contains the things, people and places that they love. Few of them have been exposed to much more than that. It's WONDERFUL! But what happens when something, like a toy, is threatened within that small world? She goes on RED ALERT. Coaching from a parent can help the sitation. But if the desired result (return of the toy) isn't achieved, the child can go bonkers and does something that she knows is wrong. 

I thought about recording an example.... But that would reflect poorly on my parenting skills. 

Before you write this off as a "child-only" problem, there are situations when we do this as adults. I HOPE you don't push or punch other people (unless you're a cage fighter). But there are definitely DESPERATE situations.

In weight loss, women can get caught up and even obsessed about the number on the scale. They try exercising and eating right. But when the results don't happen after two days, they bounce around to something else like fad diets, starving, overtraining and even diet medications. The promises of "10 pounds gone in 7 days" seduces smart people to do dumb things. Trust me. I've been there and I've done STUPID things. 

Just like children, sometimes we need a helping hand. Guidance from a neutral party can help you find clarity, direction and solutions. 

Here are three questions that I ask myself when looking at a new meal plan, workout program or supplement:

  • Is it safe? 
    • Do any of these ingredients have chemicals or hormones? Do these workouts match my current fitness level or is it too advanced? Does this meal plan include all of the macronutrients that my body needs?
  • Do I have resources to help me do this correctly?
    • One time, I tried a fad diet because I had been told that it was the most wonderful idea ever. Two days later, my husband found me standing in the kitchen with a blank stare. I didn't know what to eat. I lacked support and resources... And that was the last day of THAT diet. 
  • Am I being patient with the process?
    • If you lose weight in a healthy manner, it will take time. That's ok because you are building a new body. How would you like to arrive at your goal weight: Healthy or hungry? Strong or grouchy? 

I've seen MANY diets come and go. Don't be desperate. Be safe and patient. Get the right resources. 

Until next time!

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