Do you floss?

Have you ever been really excited, inspired and empowered to make a positive change in your life? It happens to me at least twice each year when I go to the Dentist. I brush my teeth everyday but I don't always floss. *GASP* Gross, right? Consequently, my hygienist and dentist ALWAYS tell me, "Please remember to floss and do a mouth wash." They are so nice about the advice and they seem to genuinely care about my oral health. I often leave with a feeling of determination! I don't want to let them down. I WILL floss each day. THIS is my time! I can do this!! I even ask my husband to keep me accountable. This is important! I need help. 

Three months later, my husband has stopped asking me because I've snapped at him too many times. I've justified several days without flossing and I mentally prepare myself to get the same speech during my next visit. 

This happens all the time with most aspects of our lives. 

People tell me that they lack the motivation to exercise. I totally get that. See this picture?

I posted it on Instagram with the caption: "Even if I'm dressed for a workout, sometimes my body needs to wake up. Just lacking motivation today..."

Lack of motivation can be a big stumbling block for many people. Here's my special Motivation Toolbox:

  • PLAN AHEAD. If you have a set schedule, plan or commitment, you are less likely to skip out on that workout. I have a big calendar hanging up with my workouts written in. I LOVE putting a big "X" through each day when I finish. 
  • REMIND YOURSELF OF YOUR GOALS. My goals are written everywhere. I have them in my journal, on my phone and even on my bathroom mirror. Big goals. Small goals. I may have several months before I hit my long term goal. But I am SO CLOSE to hitting that small goal. 
  • BE MY OWN DRILL SERGEANT. I talk to myself. "You can do this." "Stop messing around." "You're getting better." "Come On, Katey! Just 5 more minutes." 
  • ASK A FRIEND FOR HELP.  I get messages like this all the time.... Sometimes, I send the message. Sometimes I receive the message. When people care about you, they'll help you find your motivation.
  • FAKE IT!! I'll be honest, sometimes I don't feel like working out until I'm two minutes from the end of my workout. But I am SOOO glad that I did it! Few people LIKE to do laundry. But they do it when it needs to get done, right?

I know that these steps can help you hustle when you want to take it easy. Make an effort to keep going for the rest of this week. The last part seems to be the hardest. 

P.S. I'm trying with the floss thing. It's a constant struggle for me and I'm working on it :)