Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see your success? Your failure? Your progress? Your faults?

I tend to be quite critical of myself when I look in the mirror. I mean, I should look like a fitness model because I've worked in the this industry for years and I help others feel and look wonderful.

I've never had a super skinny frame but, rather a fit frame with varying amounts of fluff at any given time. And it varied A LOT! I hated most pictures of me and I rarely looked in the mirror unless it was for a "Let's see what jiggles" session.

There have been times when I'm completely ok with this. But most of the time, I struggle. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE racing. My weight and jean size doesn't matter when I'm the first person out of the water in a triathlon or when I PR on a 5K run. It wasn't about what I LOOKED like. It was about what I could DO.

Can you say "paradigm shift?" Focusing on my abilities helped me see my progress from a different point of view. Instead of saying, "Nuts! I gained .5 pounds", I was saying "Wow! I maintained that running pace for 2 miles this time." Overall, I became happier and stopped weighing myself as much. My food selections came from a motivation to become better not thinner. My program selections kept my goals in mind. I didn't mind pictures and I was happy with the woman in the mirror because she was SMILING! My confidence grew and people could see it. 

So what happens when I'm pregnant? Well, I'm going to be honest. It's rough. 

Not only am I "expanding" for this little baby, but I can't DO everything that I want. It's just not smart nor safe right now. My energy is lower, my cravings kick in and my determination suffers. I'm starting to avoid the mirror and pictures again. I'm also slipping into this comparison game.

"Wow that girl looks so tiny and she's 6 days away from having her baby."


"Yeah. You have a six pack and I....don't."

It's all a silly mind game. And I'm quitting the game. 

From here on out, I pledge to: 

  • Focus on what my body is DOING
    • Um, hello! There's a baby growing in there for 9 months. No breaks and lots of potty breaks.
  • SMILE in the mirror
    • Smiles are interesting. Smiles are cool. 
  • Take pictures
    • I WILL conquer my fear of pictures. Here's one from this week

Now it's your turn! QUIT the game!

Appreciate your body and all that it can do. If you aren't as healthy as you want to be, make small changes.  If you need help, ask. If you are comparing yourself, STOP! 

What will you do this week to help you appreciate the wonderful gift of your body?

Let's band together and work toward healthy bodies with healthy minds!

I'm starting right now. Here's my belly shot at almost 28 weeks. Forgive the sweat and bikes in the background. 

Forgive the sweat and bikes.... It's what I love to DO! 

Forgive the sweat and bikes.... It's what I love to DO!