Ever feel like this?

"I feel gross right now. I don't even want to LOOK in the mirror when I get out of the shower."

"I'm juggling my job, my kids and my marriage. I'm not sure that I can fit in workouts!"

"It's 6pm and I just walked in the door. I think we need to grab something quick instead of going for the healthy option."

"I love my meal plan. But what am I going to feed my picky kids?"

"I know WHAT to do. But I get caught up in my mental blocks."

"I don't want to look good 'for a mom.' I want to look GOOD!"

"The first few weeks are always the hardest. And I can't get through them!"

"I need someone to help push me and be there for me through the hard parts."

I felt the SAME way! I've been there!

Introducing the 7-Day Jumpstart!

Today, it feels like we are bombarded with promises and quick fixes in the form of wraps, pills, shots, patches and crash diets. Do those promises make you feel skeptical? GOOD! You should. 

They miss the mark because they overlook where true health comes from: nutrition and exercise. You don't need a false hope. You need a plan that works.  

Since the beginning can present the most challenges, I created a JUMPSTART program to build confidence, give tools and celebrate the first milestone in any health journey: STARTING!

Together we create a personal plan that fits into your life while getting you real results. 

Let me tell you about me

I'm Katey: an athlete that lost her way in her early 20s and found herself obese, depressed and dealing with some deep issues. I noticed that I was surrounded by negative, body-shaming voices. When I hit my limit, I decided that I deserved better. The fat-shaming wasn't helping my health. It wasn't inspiring. So, I started looking for sources that filled me with hope while not giving me excuses to slack!

Finally, I found support, faced my demons, and created a plan full of solid workouts and REAL nutrition. That was when I saw real results. When I shifted toward a healthy mindset, my body followed suit. It sounds dramatic. But it really happened. I go into more detail over HERE

Now, I am paying it forward by helping others so they don't hit the same roadblocks that I did. Weight loss is more than food or exercise. It's about the motivation and drive to help you feel great inside and out!


"I've been working with Coach Katey for the last 18 months. Because of things in my life, my ability to work out and do the programs hasn't been consistent.

But Katey has.

So many people trying to be a coach are in it for the money, the recognition or for the "Likes," but Katey has shown me time and time again, how much she cares about each and every single one of the folks in her programs. 

She's gone from being my coach to someone I am proud to call my friend. She is compassionate, dedicated, knowledgable and enthusiastic. She hasn't given up on me and I know if you want to make changes in your life, if you're ready to take the next step to save your life by living healthy, taking care of your body and committing to being the best YOU that you can be, Katey is absolutely the one who will guide you there."

Ashley, California

How it works:

With this program, you receive 

  • Accountability through daily calls and encouragement.

  • Crucial steps to get to the root of your motivations. 

  • Tools to educate you on exercises and food that work for you, your family and your goals.

For 7 days, I help you establish a foundation to take off in your health journey. 

Before we start, you receive a workbook. In that workbook, you answer questions about your goals, motivation and preferences for workouts and food. This is a chance for you to DIG DEEP into why you want to be on this journey and understand why you have struggled in the past. 

Once you finish, you get a 60-minute call with me where we:

  • Create specific goals and plan for the week including meals and workouts

  • Establish a healthy mindset to overcome your mental blocks

  • Set expectations and benchmarks to help you measure progress

At this point, you have a personal plan to reach your goals... And we haven't even started Day 1 yet!

The Weekly Layout

After you have your personalized plan, we get to the fun part! We start our JUMPSTART where your plan is supplemented with:

  • Checklists with Daily Tasks

  • Meal Prep and Planning Tips

  • Workout Samples and Ideas

  • Recipes with Shopping Lists

After Day 7, we finish with a 30-minute call to recap the week, celebrate success and boost you up to keep going on this journey. 

As an introductory bonus, the next group will get daily 15-minute Check-ins with me. I'll be there to hold your hand through this process. 

Your Investment

You ready for the crazy part? Since this is a new program, I'm offering the next session at a discounted rate of $59. The course is valued at over $200 and space is limited. 

If you're interested, don't hesitate! I'm only accepting 3 applicants for this session.